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Domasi College of Education is a Malawi Ministry of Education institution set aside to prepare secondary school teachers and primary school teacher educators. Recently, a B.Ed. degree for primary teacher educators was established in collaboration with the University Partnership for Institutional Capacity (UPIC) project at Virginia Tech. The goal for the UPIC project was to increase the number of qualified primary school teachers in Malawi. In the Mobile Malawi Project, the science curriculum that is developed on sustainable agriculture will be shared with teacher education classes in science and agriculture education. The curriculum is being piloted at the nearby Mchengawedi Primary School in Zomba. 

Domasi College is located in Zomba in the southeast education division. The Domasi College faculty collaborate with the Malawi Institute of Education specialists in curriculum development and teacher education. The developed curriculum will be reviewed by the Malawi Institute of Education for future dissemination.


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